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Together we can help make Glastonbury a more beautiful, greener place to live.

Educational Programs
Beware the Beasts in Your Backyard - Adult Ed. Course a Great Success

In May 2014, GPIP partnered with the Adult & Continuing Education department to offer a course: Beware the Beast in Your Backyard to help our community recognize and control invasive plants such as Oriental Bittersweet, Japanese Knotweed, Garlic Mustard, Burning Bush, Multiflora Rose and more. Information on native plants was also included. It was a 2-night course: a classroom meeting plus an outdoor class at Riverfront Park for a Plant Walk to identify these aggressive plants. 15 people attended.

The course was taught by Michael Corcoran who is affiliated with the University of Connecticut's College of Agriculture and Natural Resources Coverts Project and the Connecticut Audubon Society.

We hope to offer the class again in late September so be sure to check out the Adult & Continuing Education Fall Catalog.

Class participants learn how bittersweet infests an area killing many trees
on the course’s Plant Identification Walk.

Part of GPIP’s ongoing mission includes educational outreach. GPIP presents educational programming twice a year at its fall and spring member meetings, partners with the Glastonbury public schools to create classroom and field programs and holds periodic educational programs for residents of all ages.

Earth Fair, CT Audubon Society Center at Glastonbury

June 2014: a few of the dedicated Median Gardens volunteers learned the best way to plant roses from GPIP member Bruce Lester, a master gardener. Bruce also volunteers at Elizabeth Park's famous rose garden. GPIP is always looking for ways to educate our members about the care of plants and to promote an understanding of the value of biodiversity among flora.

On June 7, 2008 noted tree expert and Glastonbury resident Ed Richardson led the first walk around the Historic District based on our new Tree Walk Guide.

Written by Thia Paternoster, the new guide is available free at many Town and local offices in the Town Center [or download a copy below].

Ed led more than 50 people down Main Street to Hubbard Park and back to Hebron Avenue pointing out more than 60 trees along the way. GPIP hopes to hold both spring and fall guided tours annually to help residents learn about the importance of trees in the streetscape.

Articles and Handouts

Trees of Interest on Main Street
In Glastonbury's Historic District - the Guide

Fall 2006 meeting handout:
preparing your garden for winter

From the Community Beautification Committee:
recommendations on mulching around trees.

The Founding, Care and Feeding of GPIP
the history of Glastonbury Partners in Planting

Plant and Landscape Resources

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Tree Walk Main Street Glastonbury CT 

Trees of Interest on Main Street
in Glastonbury's Historic District

A self-guided walking tour of trees from Glastonbury Center to Hubbard Street including Hubbard Green

The purpose of this self-guided walk is to encourage our citizens to learn how to identify trees along historic Main Street, to enjoy their beauty and appreciate their role in the environment. In planning the walk, GPIP partnered with the Town of Glastonbury as well as Main St. homeowners. They have graciously allowed us to place markers on most of the trees so that you can find them more easily. The markers list the scientific and common names of the trees just as they appear in the guide.

tree markers, scientific names 

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