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Battling Bittersweet and Other Invasive Plants
When "It's a jungle out there" went from an expression to reality in many parts of Glastonbury where aggressive Oriental Bittersweet vines are killing trees and taking over the landscape, GPIP decided to take action and asked the Town to help.

After GPIP’s lengthy proposal was accepted by the Parks and Rec. Department in July 2013, a site at Riverfront Park, 200 Welles St., was designated for the first Battling Bittersweet Work Day.

BB Work DayGPIP solicited nearly 80 volunteers, while the Parks and Rec. Department assisted with preparing the site allowing volunteers to safely approach and cut the bittersweet vines. Later in the day, a crew of several town employees carefully sprayed the cut vines with an herbicide to prevent further growth. If it hadn’t been for the town’s support, it would have been very difficult to accomplish such success.

The success of the first annual Battling Bittersweet Work Day led to a much smaller endeavor in November called Save A Tree work day. 15 Bittersweet Battlers succeeded in cutting several hundred bittersweet vines as well as strands of multi-flora rose growing along the CT River path in Riverfront Park. Again, the Town will remove much of the debris left behind.

In the future we hope to have at least one annual public Battling Bittersweet Work Day that encourages residents throughout Glastonbury to help us. We also hope to have smaller Save A Tree work days (for experienced, vetted and approved bittersweet battlers) throughout the year as weather allows.

Our goal is not to achieve total victory, but to avoid total defeat.

BEFORE: A close up of one of many thick bittersweet vines attacking the trees at the work day site.

The Town cleared many paths into the work site so that volunteers could safely reach and cut the many bittersweet vines that were strangling the trees.

Close Up of Vines

Town Cleared Paths

AFTER: The cut bittersweet vines will hopefully save the tree and cause the infestation of berries to die so they will not germinate next year.

What was once a dense jungle is now a healthier natural environment thanks to 75 dedicated Battling Bittersweet volunteers.

After Bittersweet Removed

Battling Bittersweet Project

Save A Tree: An extreme invasion of bittersweet chokes several trees along the CT River. One of the volunteers attempts to cut the tangled vines.

Another volunteer makes her way into a dense thicket of bittersweet vines to eradicate the invasive plants.

Invasives by the CT River


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