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Together we can help make Glastonbury a more beautiful, greener place to live.

Village Green Newly Landscaped
Renovation of the older Village Green apartments was finally completed in 2013. GPIP Board members Bob Shipman and Deborah Kent volunteered their design services creating new foundation plantings. The following spring, GPIP volunteers, in partnership with students from the Regional AgriScience and Technology Program at Glastonbury High School, planted shade trees and shrubs at the Village Green Community Center. Then, later in the summer students and volunteers partnering with American Landscaping and Irrigation, LLC, added a paved patio for the residents’ use. Now the Village Green residents are thoroughly enjoying their new outside living space.
- Chairperson: Jeff Hill
village green 
 volunteer/planting party
Village Green 
volunteers planting
In spring 2006, GPIP volunteers along with Village Green (formerly Knox Lane) residents placed 15 planters in the senior housing complex. 3 planters are outside the community center while the others are placed in groups of 3 in the four clusters of houses. Volunteers planted the planters and gave the residents instructions on how to care for them.

Shortly afterwards, GPIP planted gardens at the Village Green entrance. Overgrown yews once hid the housing center from view, but as a summer concert played on the Hubbard Green, GPIP volunteers replaced them with ‘Home Run’ Roses, ‘Gold Tide’ Forsythia, and Euonymous ‘Moonshadow’ providing color year round. Bob Shipman’s design also added 3 ornamental trees.

Inside the complex are clusters of GPIP containers where our volunteers plant annuals in late May to provide summer color. GPIP volunteer Della Winans chose to use large planters instead of planting garden beds based on our experience at Center Village. Many seniors and residents with limited mobility can’t get down to "ground level" to tend to a traditional garden. Planters bring the garden up to the seniors' level enabling them to become active participants in the planters' upkeep.

A very special thanks to The Housing Authority of Glastonbury who maintain the entrance plantings at Village Green. Also to Marco Solis and the residents who care for the 15 containers throughout the summer.
Village Green planters
Village Green volunteers

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