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Together we can help make Glastonbury a more beautiful, greener place to live.

GPIP Receives a $22,400 Grant
26 large pin oaks, pears, tupelos, maples and other trees now grace Glastonbury streets thanks to a grant from the Norma and Natale Sestero Fund at the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving at was awarded to GPIP, late in 2014.

Most of the grant money was used to dig the 26 trees from our tree nursery and to hire two local landscape companies to plant them along the New London Turnpike, in South Glastonbury and other selected locations around town.

The remaining grant funds will be used to purchase new trees for the nursery and for more planting next spring. GPIP is very thankful to the Sestero Fund at the Hartford Foundation of Public Giving for helping to make Glastonbury a more attractive and environmentally-friendly Town.
Trees Dug  Trees Planted 
2 of the 26 trees that were dug up from the Town Tree Nursery.  To get the trees established in their new homes, green ‘tree gator’ bags have been put around the base of their trunks and are filled with water weekly. 
Town Tree Nursery
Town Tree Nursery
In 2003, members of Glastonbury's Community Beautification Committee identified a need for trees for Glastonbury Parks and Recreation to use in plantings along streets and other public places. Working with the Town, these CBC members spear-headed the formation of Glastonbury Partners in Planting.

The Town provided agricultural land for GPIP to plant and raise trees for use by the town. The project bore its first 'fruit' in 2006, when the first trees in the nursery had grown large enough to be used in Town projects. The nursery currently has more than 200 trees and about 25% of them are large enough to be used for street planting. Our goal is to provide the Town with roughly 20 trees ready for use in Town projects each year.
- Chairperson: Bob Shipman
digging trees at the nursery
GPIP volunteers 
tree nursery
Trees grown in the Town Tree Nursery:
Sugar Maples
Red Sunset Maples
Valley Forge Elms
Ornamental Cherry: Kwanzan, Okame, Sargent
Pear: Capitol and Aristocrat
Pin Oaks
Purple Leaf Plum

Our special thanks to Bob Shipman and the many GPIP volunteers who help plant 20-30 new young trees in the Tree Nursery each year.
glastonbury agricultural soace

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