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Together we can help make Glastonbury a more beautiful, greener place to live.

Salmon Brook Bridge Garden
The greening of North Main St.
The gardens along North Main Street at the Salmon Brook Bridge were created through a partnership with the Glastonbury Coalition for Sensible Growth.

In the fall of 2008 members of that group worked with GPIP to plants shrubs and perennials where before there was only grass.

The Coalition will maintain the garden with the help of the owner of Sparkle Car Wash who commits to keeping it watered while it becomes established. It now provides a rare spot of color and offers plant labels to identify the greenery for those who walk the sidewalks in the north end.  Bob Shipman’s design also added 3 ornamental trees.
- Glastonbury Coalition for Sensible Growth: Chairperson Bobbie Wasdo
Salmon Brook
A note of thanks to Della Winans and Bob Shipman for designing the garden, to the many volunteers who helped prepare and plant the garden, to the Glastonbury Coalition for Sensible Growth volunteers who maintain the garden and to Sparkle Car Wash for making sure the garden is watered.
Salmon Brook Bridge Garden
Bridge of Color

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